Professional Experience: Driving Sustainable Transport Innovation at Bonnet


My journey as a Product Designer at Bonnet spanned from 2021 to 2022, a period marked by rapid innovation and growth in the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector. As the founding designer of the company, I was at the forefront of developing a user-friendly app that connected EV drivers with the most efficient charging networks. This case study explores my contributions to user-centred design, innovative solutions, collaborative development, product growth, and user support, highlighting my role in promoting sustainable transport.

User-Centred Design

At Bonnet, my primary focus was developing interfaces that prioritised ease of use and accessibility. Recognising the diverse needs of our users, I crafted designs that simplified the process of finding and using EV charging points. This approach not only enhanced user satisfaction but also played a crucial role in making sustainable transport options more accessible to the public.

Innovative Solutions

Leveraging innovative technology, I led the design of solutions that seamlessly connected EV drivers with the best charging networks available. Our efforts significantly improved the user experience, contributing to Bonnet's mission of promoting sustainable transport. By integrating advanced tech solutions, we ensured that our app remained at the cutting edge of the EV revolution.

Collaborative Development

My role involved close collaboration with a cross-functional team, comprising full-stack developers, Android and iOS developers, and other key stakeholders. Together, we implemented new features and improved existing ones, ensuring the Bonnet app met the evolving needs of EV drivers and charging infrastructure owners. This collaborative spirit was essential in driving the app's continuous improvement and innovation.

Product Growth

As a founding member, I was instrumental in expanding the platform's charge point offering and partnerships. Our efforts led to the inclusion of over 200,000 chargers in our network, significantly enhancing the app's utility for EV drivers. Working with major companies such as TfL and some of the UK's largest energy providers, we brought a vast array of chargers into our app, making sustainable transport more accessible than ever.

User Support

I played a key role in enhancing user support, providing quick and effective in-app live support to resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction. This direct interaction with users allowed us to gather valuable feedback, which informed further app improvements and feature developments.

Setting the Foundation

As the founding designer, my responsibilities extended beyond traditional design tasks. I was tasked with establishing the design systems, sprint planning, product management, bug testing, website development, and team practices. This foundational work was critical in shaping the company's direction and ensuring a cohesive and effective approach to product development.

Driving User Engagement

Recognising the importance of user feedback, I championed the use of gamification and surveys within the app. This innovative approach encouraged user engagement, allowing us to gather insights and drive app improvements based on real user needs. This strategy set us apart from competitors and underscored our commitment to building an app driven by user feedback, not just stakeholder interests.

Impact and Growth

Under my design leadership, Bonnet experienced exponential growth, expanding from a small team to a company serving thousands of users. My tenure was marked by significant achievements, including the introduction of route planning, payment methods, and integrations with third-party apps for connecting to cars internally. These developments were pivotal in enhancing the app's functionality and user experience.


My time at Bonnet was an exhilarating journey at the forefront of the EV revolution. By focusing on user-centred design, innovative solutions, and collaborative development, we succeeded in creating an app that significantly contributed to sustainable transport. Through hands-on testing, engaging with users, and fostering partnerships, I helped drive Bonnet's growth from a fledgeling startup to a key player in the EV charging industry. This case study reflects my commitment to leveraging design and technology to make a positive impact on the world.

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Whether it's leveraging these insights or achieving similar success to my case studies, I'm here to help you take the next step. Let's discuss how we can transform your ideas into reality and drive your business forward.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Whether it's leveraging these insights or achieving similar success to my case studies, I'm here to help you take the next step. Let's discuss how we can transform your ideas into reality and drive your business forward.

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